Assolan 2016-17

  • DirectorRicardo Passos (3D), Jarbas Agnelli (Live-Action)
  • StoryboardBianca Nazari
  • ModelingSérgio Filho, Maurício Carolino
  • RiggingHenrique “Edmx”
  • AnimationThiago Flores, Flávia Trevisan, Frederico Lins,
  • Henrique “Edmx”, Lucas Nunes, Pedro Medeiros,
  • Rafael Albuquerque, Raphael Sousa
  • Shader & TextureLucas Miguel, Luiz Fernando Araújo
  • Light & RenderLucas Miguel, Luiz Fernando Araújo
  • CompostionArthur Lobo, Daniel Barros, Fabio Freitas,
  • Arthur Lobo, Daniel Barros, Fabio Freitas,
  • Matte PaintingJoão Sheeperson, Milena Hassel
  • MotionDaniel Barros
  • ActressCristina Giollo
  • Studio (3D)Big Studios
  • Studio (Live-Action)AD Studio
  • AgencyNeogama
  • ClientGrendene
During the years of 2016 and 2017, Big Studios produced the films and snippets for the Ype-Assolan Campaing presenting their character, Assolino, in a variety of experiences according to the location and holiday it was celebrating. It started at the beggining of 2016 with their first film mixing the 3D character and the footage produced by AD Studio and went throughout 2016 and 2017 with the teasers for Parintins Festival 2017, São João 2017 and the teaser for the new motto of the brand for 2017.

I made several contributions in all of the movies, from Supervising Animator and helping with the Nuke compositing on the first film, to animation of the character on the snippets.