Bradesco Parintins Festival 2017

  • DirectorRicardo “Big” Passos
  • ModelingEric Henrique,
  • RiggingThiago Flores
  • AnimationThiago Flores, Flávia Trevisan
  • Cloth SimulationThiago Flores
  • Look DevJúlio Bonfante
  • CompositingJoão Sheeperson
  • Motion GraphicsLucas Fuse
  • StudioBig Studios
  • AgencyPublicis
  • ClientBradesco
Parintins Festival is a very traditional celebration held in the Brazilian city of Parintins, Amazonas. It is marked by the competition between two teams, Garantido and Caprichoso, represented by two oxes, a blue and a red one. During the festival’s parade a person dressed as each one of the oxes a staged dance for the crowd, this animated ad shows each on of them getting in scene on their side of the competition.

I was responsable for Rigging, Animating and making the Cloth Simulation in this project.