Elizabeth Cimentos

  • DirectorRicardo “Big” Passos
  • Concept ArtBruno Jacob
  • StoryboardBruno Jacob
  • ModelingLean Alvesan, Mauricio Carolino,
  • Rafael Nakahayashi, Thiago Flores
  • RiggingAlexandre Agostini, Thiago Flores, Daniel Cabral
  • AnimationDaniel Cabral, Lucas Scapim
  • Cloth DynamicsThiago Flores
  • Shader & TextureAlexandre Agostini, Julio Bonfante
  • Light & RenderAlexandre Agostini, Julio Bonfante
  • CompositionAlexandre Agostini
  • StudioBig Studios
  • AgencyBairro Novo
  • ClientElizabeth Cimentos
Elizabeth Cimentos is a cement company from Paraíba, state in the northeast of Brazil. They were releasing a new product and decided to make an animation telling a little bit about the company.

I wasn’t working full time in this project, but at the time I got in I helped modeling the little character walking with the shopping cart and made the simulation for his clothes. I also helped rigging some of the factory parts such as the chimneys and the libra.

I used ZBrush for the character modeling and Marvelous Designer for the cloth simulation. The rigs were all done in Maya.