Itaú BBA – Clock

  • DirectorRicardo “Big” Passos
  • Concept ArtJoão Carlos Vasco
  • StoryboardJoão Carlos Vasco
  • ModelingLean Alvesan, Mauricio Carolino,
  • Rafael Nakahayashi, Victor Yamakado
  • RiggingAlexandre Agostini
  • AnimationDaniel Cabral, Thiago Flores, Alexandre Agostini
  • Shader & TextureAlex Meireles, Luis Pitondo Junior, Julio Bonfante
  • Light & RenderJulio Bonfante
  • CompostionPhellip Atila
  • StudioBig Studios
  • AgencyAfrica
  • ClientItaú BBA
Itaú BBA is Latin America’s largest corporate investment bank and its part of the Itaú Unibanco group, they wanted to make a series of images showing people working inside of daily items such as a clock, a pen and a calculator with the idea that inside everything there are specialists working. This is the animation for that campaign that shows people inside a Clock.

The idea was to animated those characters as they were part of the engine and because of that their movements should be a little more stiff and look like a mechanic piece. I animated some of the shots on the video and also helped with the character posing on the still image.

This was a long project but we managed to achieve a good looking final result. For the animation I used Maya and for the modeling I used ZBrush.