IVECO – Carga Extra

  • DirectorRicardo “Big” Passos
  • StoryboardJoão Carlos Vasco
  • ModelingMauricio Carolino, Rafael Nakahayashi
  • RiggingHenrique “Edmx”
  • AnimationThiago Flores
  • Shader & TextureAlex Meireles
  • Light & RenderAlex Meireles
  • CompositionRodrigo Henrique
  • StudioBig Studios
  • AgencyLeo Burnett
  • ClientIveco
Iveco is an Italian industrial vehicle manufacturing company, they wanted to show their new sales offer for trucks in Brazil, when you buy a new truck you win a prepaid card to use with other products. So they wanted to show a truck being loaded with a huge heavy card to demonstrate that.

My role was animating the whole movie and also rigging the crane used to lift the card. After my part was done I also helped with masks render and final touching in the whole piece. I used Maya on this job.