Jewish Film Festival

  • ModelingThiago Flores, Victor Yamakado
  • RiggingDaniel Cabral, Alexandre Agostini
  • AnimationDaniel Cabral, Alexandre Agostini
  • Cloth DynamicsThiago Flores
  • Shader & TextureAlexandre Agostini
  • Light & RenderAlexandre Agostini
  • CompostionAlexandre Agostini
  • MotionThiago Flores
  • StudioBig Studios
  • AgencyY&R Propaganda
  • ClientFestival de Cinema Judáico
This is an Ad for the 17th São Paulo’s Jewish Film Festival, the motto was “You don’t have to be jewish to watch the Jewish Film Festival” and we tried to play with different film genres to show that, such as zombie movies and superhero movies.

On this project I was responsible for the Superhero modeling, which was made on Zbrush and for the zombie cloth dynamic, made with Maya’s nCloth system. It was a funny cartoon project, one of the first ones I did.