Oreo – Father’s Day

  • DirectorRicardo “Big” Passos
  • StoryboardJoão Carlos Vasco
  • Matte PaintingJoão Carlos Vasco
  • ModelingRafael Nakahayashi, Claudio Junior
  • RiggingDaniel Cabral
  • AnimationThiago Flores
  • Shader & TextureThiago Flores
  • Light & RenderThiago Flores
  • CompostionThiago Flores
  • MotionDaniel Barros
  • StudioBig Studios
  • AgencyFCB Brasil
  • ClientOreo
On this father’s day Oreo wanted to celebrate making a homage to all fathers. After a little teaser, people were invited to send messages to their fathers, and on father’s days a big projection was made on a side of a building showing the messages and a photograph of the fathers.

Every time the Oreo was opened a different message was appeared on the filling and a photograph appeared on the cookie. The animation had to be a loop because sometimes it would play on repeat (only changing the message) and sometimes a text message would appear, as it shows on the video.

I was responsible for the animation, shading, lighting, render and composition of the shots. It was all made on Maya with V-Ray and the composition was made on Nuke.