Shell – Make the Future Live

  • DirectorRicardo “Big” Passos
  • ModelingEric Henrique,
  • RiggingThiago Flores
  • AnimationThiago Flores
  • Look DevJúlio Bonfante
  • CompositingJoão Sheeperson
  • Motion GraphicsThiago Flores
  • StudioBig Studios
  • AgencyJWT UK
  • ClientShell
In May 2017, Shell was hosting Make the Future, a festival of ideas and innovation and was looking for a way to promote it. Their agency in the UK, JWT, decided to build an interactive display where people could find more about ultra-energy-efficient vehicles that student teams all around the globe made on Shell Eco-marathons.

They came to BigStudios to help them build the visual part of that action, where people would select which car they would like to know about and see all the parts of the car disassemble and come back together, all with simple hand movements.

I had several roles on that project, after receiving the model of the cars I had to separete and rig over 500 small parts in each vehicle so they could be separeted and combined in an easy way, after that I was also responsable for the animation, editing and motion design of the whole video we submited for client.