The Kiss

  • CharactersBruno Jacob
  • BackgroundBruno Jacob
  • RiggingThiago Flores
  • MotionThiago Flores
  • StudioBig Studios
During the projecto for Itaú we faced a challenge, one of the scenes has a TV on it and the character was supposed to watch a cheesy movie.

At first the idea was to look for a film footage on a stock photo website or something like that but then I started discussing with Bruno Jacob and Daniel Cabral, two other artists involved in the project, and we came up with the idea of a little 2D-animated kiss scene from one of those 50’s movies. We trace the storyboard together, Jacob draw the characters and the background and I animated.

The director liked the movie so much that he decided to send it to a sound studio and we made a little short movie out of it. It was only a day of work at most, but it was very fun to make this kind of projects where ideas start flowing and everybody helps to create a funny gag inside a movie.