Tufties Magic Gift Workshop 2016

  • DirectorRicardo “Big” Passos
  • StoryboardBianca Nazari, Bruno Jacob
  • Concept ArtBianca Nazari, Fernanda Montoni,
  • Paula de Abreu, Sérgio Filho
  • ModelingSérgio Filho, Eric Henrique, Mauricio Carolino,
  • Rafael Tomazzi, Rafael Nakahayashi, Victor Trovato
  • RiggingHenrique “Edmx”, Thiago Flores
  • AnimationThiago Flores, Flávia Trevisan, Henrique “Edmx”,
  • Pedro Medeiros, Raphael Sousa
  • DynamicsInvisible Works
  • HairThiago Flores, Sérgio Filho
  • Look DevAlex Meireles, Júlio Bonfante, Diego Velasco-De Armas,
  • Leandro Marcelino, Luiz Fernando Araújo,
  • Paulo Vitor Gonzaga, Rafael Tomazzi, Victor Trovato
  • CompositingThiago Flores, Daniel Barros,
  • Fabio Freitas, João Sheeperson
  • MotionDaniel Barros
  • StudioBig Studios
  • AgencyBleuBlancRouge
  • ClientCadillac Fairview
Cadillac Fairview, a shopping Mall group from Canada saw an decrease of people buying gifts at their shopping centers, so they partnered with the ad agency BleuBlancRouge and created the Magic Gift Workshop. Their idea was to build a facility inside the malls where guests could get their gifts magically wrapped by little furry creatures called the Tufties.

They looked for Big Studios to develop the look of the characters and their universe, as well as produce the videos that were going to be played inside the facilities to look like the Tufties were wrapping the guests gifts. Along with those films we also created short animations that were used to introduce the characters in different funny situations.

I worked on this project as an animator and supervisor using Maya and also did the first version of the hair dynamics using Yeti (due to pipeline issues with the plugin we later changed it for xGen later).