When You Wish Upon a Star

  • DirectorRicardo “Big” Passos
  • Concept ArtBruno Jacob
  • StoryboardBruno Jacob
  • Modeling Thiago Flores, Lean Alvesan, Cauê Benedan,
  • Maurício Carolino, Rafael Nakahayashi
  • RiggingHenrique “Edmx”
  • AnimationThiago Flores, Daniel Cabral, Alexandre Agostini
  • HairThiago Flores
  • Shader & TextureThiago Flores, Júlio Bonfante, Alexandre Agostini
  • Light & RenderAlexandre Agostini, Julio Bonfante
  • CompostionAlexandre Agostini
  • StudioBig Studios
“When You Wish Upon a Star” is a short film made at BigStudios. Léo Macias pitched the idea of a little girl who wishes upon a shooting star for her school’s destruction for the director, Ricardo “Big” Passos, and we started developing this short film.

My role on this project was as an animator on the first shots of the film, modeler of the little girl character and Hair TD on the characters. I used Maya for animation and nHair for the characters hair. On the character modeling I used ZBrush.